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Chief Magistrate of Chatham County Mary Kathryn Moss

Mary Kathryn Moss

Chief Magistrate, Chatham County

Mary Kathryn Moss was sworn in as the Chief Magistrate of Chatham County on January 4, 2005. Judge Moss was previously a partner at Ranitz, Mahoney, Mahoney & Moss, specializing in civil litigation, real estate and admiralty law. She also sat as Judge Pro Tem for the Recorder’s Court of Chatham County and the Municipal Courts of Port Wentworth and Garden City. Judge Moss is proud to lead the Magistrate Court, often called “The People’s Court,” because it helps citizens represent themselves without an attorney. It also gives individuals and companies a forum to resolve disputes efficiently for civil claims of $15,000 or less.

Personal Statement

Since I was first elected in 2004, there have been many changes in Magistrate Court. Our caseload has steadily increased each year. We now handle more than 18,000 cases a year. Since my arrival, we have instituted e-filing, video conferencing and mediation to increase efficiency. We have modernized our court processes while providing information and access to justice for all litigants.

While serving the citizens of Chatham County, I have worked with many of the state’s judges and every class of court. I have been appointed to work on numerous state-wide committees, such as the Bail Reform Committee, Georgia Code of Judicial Conduct Study Committee, Sexual Assault Response Team and Judicial Council. This collaboration statewide with different agencies and courts provides insight and wisdom that guides my work here in Chatham County.

A Commitment to Service

Judge Moss has felt the need to serve as long as she has practiced law resulting in an extensive service record.

  • Past President of the Council of Magistrate Court Judges, where she also served as First and Second Vice President, Treasurer and First District Representative.
  • Member of the Legislative Committee, Rules Committee and Mentor Committee of the Magistrate Court Council.
  • Chair to the Board of Commissioners of the Magistrates Retirement Fund of Georgia and former Chair of the Magistrate Court Training Council.
  • Member of the Georgia Bar Association, the Georgia Association of Women Lawyers, the Savannah Bar Association and the American Judges Association.

Judge Moss is also a recipient of the Magistrate of the Year award for the State of Georgia and the Georgia Magistrate Court Judges Award, “Workhorse of the Year.” These distinguished accolades exemplify Judge Moss’ dedication and commitment as a public servant. Her unwavering determination to exceptional resolve to confront unseen obstacles and go above and beyond for the improvement of the magistrate court sets her apart. Judge Moss is not afraid to embrace the demanding, arduous and often unnoticed work essential to the functioning of our judicial system.

Recognition and Education

Judicial Temperament

In court, Judge Moss applies the law to the facts in each case in a fair and impartial manner while treating all litigants and witnesses with the respect and dignity they deserve. Judge Moss enjoys working with litigants to ensure efficient resolution of their claims.

“I am seeking the opportunity to continue serving my community. Please join my re-election campaign so I can continue providing access to justice for all citizens of Chatham County.”

– Judge Moss

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